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Considering the attention to detail in other parts of their software, not understanding technical nuances isn't credible explanation. Whats App has intentionally deviated from what Moxie offered them.

Most certs these days are countersigned by another authority for further authentication of their validity.

Equally bad are the large Internet companies that handle massive amounts of user data without providing additional security (like E2EE) from them.

Attempts to actually lock out themselves from user data are laughable considering how much money these companies have.

We see deviations from high quality standards like Signal protocol, bad defaults like non-E2EE by default (Hangouts, FB Messenger) and disabled non-blocking fingerprint warnings (Whats App), bad key lengths (i Message), lack of fingerprints (i Message, Confide), lack of forward secrecy (i Message), proprietary software (all of the above), lack of metadata protection (all of the above).

This isn't something these companies really want to solve.

Maybe the CA does something weird and hands out the private signing key every time to LEA, so they can generate all the certificate(s) they want themselves.

Maybe CAs lease out Packet Forensics' boxes with pre-installed CA keys in "exfiltration proof" smartcards.

In fact, such is a common tactic to sneak up on someone.