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Consolidating tasks

Some major advantages of this suite over paper-based brain health tests is that it is custom-designed as less difficult, it covers many important cognitive areas, and it may be used for repeated testing to track progress over time.

Create a budget and keep track of all your expenses.

The Memory Analysis Suite includes tests for: The Comprehensive Testing Suite gives a broad picture of brain health, so that the Brain Fitness Profile will include the most cognitive areas.

This is useful as a complete check-up to compare which brain functions are stronger and which are less strong.

Working memory is a special brain function that is needed to remember things now, ‘on-line’, so that we can think about them or analyze their importance. Different brain circuits are critical for each of these functions.

To make matters even more complex, there are several different brain circuits for encoding and consolidating memories so that they can be stored for later and other circuits that retrieve memories from storage when you need them.

However, we know that the most important brain functions that contribute to our activities of daily living are memory, executive function, and attention.

When time is short and you want to get a good look at these three brain functions, this computerized cognitive testing suite does the job.

These demands increase in high school and university and become even more acute in the workplace and with family responsibilities.